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One Photo or Video Posted on Twitter, $30 or Free Property Visiting Tours Worldwide in Hand! 

Founded in 2014, uoolu.com has become the No.1 internet platform for cross-border real estate transactions. Up till now, we’ve acquired more than 3 million MAU and the largest volume of property transactions in the industry (RMB 8 trillion yuan of GMV in 2018). We’re also a solution provider offering national site agency of Uoolu Global Website, Global Selling Store, immigration and visa services, real estate investment consultation, home trusting, and other supporting products to help investors better carry out investment plans. World famous developers such as Lennar (the U.S.), Emaar (UAE), SMDC (the Philippines), Ananda (Thailand), ECOWorld (Malaysia) and so on, as well as real estate agencies and brokers across the globe, have established practical cooperation with Uoolu to actualize property listings and sales goals in a much more efficient and cost-effective way.

To celebrate for the 5th anniversary of uoolu.com, we’re now holding a coupon campaign called the Best Property Hunter in the world!

From Oct. 1st to Oct. 31st, 2019, whether you’re a home owner, or a home developer, or a home seller, you may all join this exciting game!

Wherever you are, as long as you take a photo or shoot a short video about the most beautiful house by your side, post it on twitter and @ Uoolu Overseas Real Estate Investing, chances are that you’ll have the following handsome rewards offered by uoolu.com!

Prizes for Best Property Hunters:

$ Top 3 Winners:

* Properties Visiting Tour in countries all over the world, FREE of Charge!

Visit home projects in most popular investment destinations, such as Dubai, Thailand, Japan and so on; 

Travel and experience a different culture and life style in another realm!

1) Top 1 Winner: three tours;

2) Top 2 Winner: two tours;

3) Top 3 Winner: one tour.

$ Top 30 Winners (Top 3 Winners Included):

* A bonus of RMB 200 yuan (about USD 30 dollars), sent to you in cash or by remittance.

Hidden Bonus:

For real estate developers, through uploading photos and videos about your property projects, you can improve your property exposure via Uoolu platforms. Meanwhile, you can also take advantage of the free property visiting tours to help foreign intention clients feel your properties in a zero-distance manner and then make investment decisions more efficiently. Most importantly, after a month’s advertisement, you'll be able to improve your brand awareness worldwide, cooperate with the best cross-border real estate transaction platform in the world, and achieve desirable sales goals before your competitors do.


1) The house can’t be a tourist attraction or a landmark;

2) You must stand by or in front of the property in the photo, showing your face, profile or your back.

3) You and other relevant participants must follow us on twitter first, otherwise the number of reposts, comments and likes in your post won’t be considered as valid.

Method of Selection:

1) Posts with the greatest number of reposts win!

2) If two posts with the same number of reposts, the one with more comments wins;

3) If two posts with the same number of reposts and comments, the one with more likes wins.

The list of Top 10 Best Property Hunters will be publicized on Uoolu Overseas Real Estate Investing and Uoolu’s official international website (https://america.uoolu.com/news) on Friday every week, synchronized to Uoolu’s other media platforms, but the final results will be dependent on the number of reposts, comments and likes on Oct. 31st.

Screenshots of the final results will be publicized on Uoolu Overseas Real Estate Investing and other social media platforms of uoolu.com on Nov. 1st, 2019.


All the photos and videos that you’ll have posted will not be used for otherwise purposes. Your privacy will be fully respected and protected.


For more information and news about global real estate investment, please follow:

Twitter: Uoolu Overseas Real Estate Investing

Facebook: Uoolu

LinkedIn: Uoolu

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