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Leeds · 75 Hyde park road
(2) Beds
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Leeds · 75 Hyde park road
75 Hyde Park Rd, Leeds LS6 1PX UK
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New House
999 years of property rights
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Property Type -
House Type New House
Planning Area 127
Total Floors -
Total Households 72
Number of Units -
Support Loans no
Years of property rights 999 years of property rights
Opening Time 0000-00-00
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利兹海德公园路位于英格兰利兹市。利兹是一个充满活力的城市,有丰富的文化气息和历史遗产。美丽的维多利亚式建筑与城区相对应,这所城市的外貌已在不断变化。利兹正迅速成为欧洲充满活力的城市。利兹大学目前有超过60,000名全日制和半日制学生,亦是2间大学和5所进修学院的所在地,包括音乐学院和艺术设计学院。 自2004年起,海德公园路75号已成为一个成功的学生宿舍项目。之后的几年里,更因它优越的地理位置和方便的交通,海德公园路75号在学生为数不多的选择中,成为他们理想的宿舍选择地,并持续享有盛名。

Guide price
1 bed 7m²
Down payment
Guide price
4 chamber group of house 38m²
Down payment
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Investment evaluation
1 bed7m²£48,995
Trading Phase
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Annual expenditure
Final payment0.010000000000005%
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First year
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Annual total expenditure
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